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Offering AAU Youth Football and Cheerleading like no other.

Unlike other “profit first” youth football leagues in town, the East Orlando Junior Predators (EOJP) are a 501(3)c non-profit youth sports organization. As a succesful member of the FYFCL (Florida Youth Football & Cheer League) which is sanctioned by AAU, we benefit from a strong, family first culture. We are sponsored by the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League. On the field, we strive to teach your child the fundamentals of AAU in flag football, youth tackle football and youth cheerleading to maximize their potential. Off the field, we pledge to help prepare your child for life lessons. At EOJP, your children come first. Always.

East Orlando Junior Predators

On-field, Youth Football & Youth Cheerleading Accomplishments

The East Orlando Junior Predators have incredible assets and equipment that we use to train your children in youth football and youth cheerleading. We start our season with a FREE off-season conditioning program (begins in May). Through the year, our Priority partnership with Faith Christian Academy allow us to practice in lighted facilities. Celebrating our achievements is important. We end our season in style, with our annual “End-of-Year” picnic and award ceremonies. Come see why you should join EOJP.

Club Resources

  • All football and cheer coaches must be AAU members, with full background checks.
  • All football coaches are USA Football Heads Up certified.
  • Faith Christian Academy partnership where we practice and play home games.

Football Resources

  • All games filmed and viewed by coaches and players during scheduled film sessions.
  • Indoor classrooms for film sessions on bad weather days.
  • 5 man and 1 man blocking sleds.
  • Skill camps by Orlando Predators’ coach Rob Keefe.

Cheer Resources

  • Indoor and covered practice areas during rainy days.
  • Multiple cheer mats for stunting.
  • Partnership with competitive cheer gym for additional cheer practice and stunting needs.



    • 14U FYFCL Cheer Competition – Champions
    • 14U NYCC Regional Competition – 2nd Place
    • 14U Showcase of Champions – 3rd Place
    • 12U FYFCL Cheer Competition – Champions
    • 12U NYCC Regional Competition – Champions
    • 12U Showcase of Champions – 2nd Place
    • 8U FYFCL Cheer Competition – Champions
    • 8U NYCC Regional Competition – Champions
    • 8U Showcase of Champions – 2nd Place
    • 6U FYFCL Cheer Competition – 2nd Place
    • 6U Showcase of Champions – 2nd Place
  • 2015 FYFCL Cheerleading Season

    • 12u FYFCL Cheer Competition – Champions
    • 12u Showcase of Champions – 2nd Place
    • 10u FYFCL Cheer Competition – Runner Up
    • 10u Showcase of Champions – 1st Place
    • 8u FYFCL Cheer Competition – Runner up
    • 8u Showcase of Champions – 2nd Place
  • 2014 FYFCL Cheerleading Season

    • 6u SHOWCASE of CHAMPIONS, 2nd Place Runner up.
    • 6U FYFCL, Regional Champions.
    • 8u SHOWCASE of CHAMPIONS, 2nd Place Runner up.
    • 8U NYCC, Regional Champions.
    • 8U FYFCL, Division Champions.
    • 8U FYFCL, Grand Champions.
  • 2013 FYFCL Cheerleading Season

    • 6u AAU Recreational Cheer, National Champions.
    • 10u AAU Recreational Cheer, National Champions.
    • 12u AAU Recreational Cheer, National Champions.
    • 14u AAU Recreational Cheer, National Champions.
    • 8u AAU Recreational Cheer, National Runner up.
    • 12u FYFCL, Champions.


  • 2016 FYFCL Football Season

    • 8u FYFCL Eastern Conference Regular Season Champions
    • 8u AAU National Football Tournament Final Four
    • 10u FYFCL 11-0 Record, Undefeated Season
    • 10u FYFCL Eastern Conference Champions
    • 10u FYFCL League Champions
    • 10u AAU National Football Tournament Elite Eight
    • 12u FYFCL Eastern Conference Regular Season Champions
    • 12u AAU National Football Tournament Elite Eight
    • 14u FYFCL Eastern Conference Regular Season Champions
    • 14u AAU National Football Tournament Elite Eight
  • 2015 FYFCL Football Season

    • 14u FYFCL Championship Finalist.
    • 14u AAU National Tournament Quaterfinalist.
    • 8u AAU Nationals Tournament appearance.
    • 8u, 10u and 14u advanced to FYFCL playoffs.
  • 2014 FYFCL Football Season

    • 14u South, Conference Champions.
    • 14u AAU, Nationals Appearance.
    • 8u AAU, Nationals Appearance.
    • All clubs advanced to playoffs.
  • 2013 FYFCL Football Season

    • 8u AAU National, Tournament Final Four.
    • 8u South Conference, Champions.
    • 6u South Conference, Runner up.
Youth Cheerleading in Orlando, Fl

A Championship Youth Cheerleading Program.

16 Years combined coaching experience with: Competitive Cheer, High School, Pop Warner and All-Stars Gyms.

A huge thank you to the East Orlando Junior Predators sponsors.

Without your generosity, we could not serve our community.

Special thanks to: To All Team Moms and Volunteers!

Orlando Youth Football reviews

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  • Love how far this program has come in just 3 years. Great board and coaches. Glad to be part of the Junior Predator Nation! Justin B. 04/04/2016
  • Amir is raww jeremiah 04/18/2016
  • You guys do such a great job communicating with the parents. Thank you so much! Diana T. 05/05/2016
  • Great Group of People Rob Cordes 05/06/2016
  • Isaiah Narian 06/02/2016
  • Wow! Both my sons and daughter love playing football and cheering for EOJP! Nancy 07/29/2016
  • great Jerry 07/06/2016
  • Good coaching and players! joe 07/06/2016
  • Awesome coaches! Kids have made playoffs every year and keep improving. Casey 08/17/2016